The Big Idea

Every Patient Deserves Quality, Convenience, and Choice.

Wayne is a real person, a patient of our founding surgeon. Wayne needed surgery for cancer but he couldn’t have it. Not because he was too sick or too scared. Wayne couldn’t have the surgery he needed because he was laid off, which meant he lost his insurance and his credit – and because the local hospital wanted twice as much money as he had in the bank. Wayne needed more choices.

There really was a way to help Wayne. This meant finding a highly qualified surgeon, the necessary equipment, and a host facility, and bringing them together in a way that offered a new choice optimized specifically for him. For Wayne, this new choice meant that he got a surgeon he trusted, the surgery his cancer demanded, at a cost he could afford.

After Wayne came another patient, and another, and then more – from Oregon, Tennessee, Massachusetts, the Caribbean, and other locations. They were searching for more convenient, more transparent, more useful choices that would be right for them. Patients like Wayne are at the heart of Surgeo and the mission of allowing any patient anywhere in the world access to quality surgery.

After helping self-pay patients get quality, value, and convenience we helped insurance companies, too, meaning more services in new locations with new providers working together in new ways to deliver quality at a lower cost. We helped those insurance companies simplify the lives of their members and lower their out-of-pocket expenses.

We know there is a new way - a better way - to get the kinds of services to patients that they need in ways they can afford

It is up to patients, doctors, insurance companies, employers, hospitals, device manufacturers, and the people of Allevion, Inc., the company behind Surgeo, to continue to find new ways to work better together so that no one has to struggle like Wayne did to have the surgery he needed. It is not enough to invent medical scanners, stents, and new procedures. It is not enough to give one choice to patients. We have to find ways to match patients with the care they need through surgery packages that work for them, with qualified surgeons, convenient locations, and prices they can afford.

We do what we do because patients just like Wayne need quality and choice.

We do what we do because this is about all of us.