For Surgeons

This is what Surgeo can do for you:

  • Position you in a unique, peer credentialed surgeon network
  • Increase your visibility among patients who need your service
  • Get those patients to you with their files prepared as you need
  • Help your new patients who qualify to get financing if they need it
  • Bring you to new facilities that can accommodate and support your services

For SurgeonsYou went to medical school because you like patients. And you do procedures because you like doing procedures. And you’re happiest doing what you do when you get the right patients for what you’re so good at and they do well and go home happy.

Surgeo helps you to do more of what you like to do and helps you to be happy. It presents your qualifications and interests to patients who need your services. It gathers clinical data – medications, smoking history, biopsy reports – in a way that helps you to quickly understand if they qualify.

When you approve patients for surgery, Surgeo gets them to your office. Surgeo gets you the kind of patients you like to see in a clean, efficient way that also lightens the burden on your staff.

If they need it, Surgeo helps your patients to get financing, which opens the door to your service. There’s something else here: for selected procedures, Surgeo can wrap your services in complications insurance. This feature helps patients to feel more secure and also opens the door to your services. It also helps your facility to open its doors to a package in which you are the surgeon; because it partners with facilities that may need your services, Surgeo can work with you to develop new services for new patients in new facilities.

Surgeo understands what you want: the right patients for the procedures you do best, presented in a clean and efficient way, with efficiency and peace of mind for them, your staff, and you. This is what Surgeo can do for surgeons.

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