For Employers

This is what Surgeo can do for you:

  • Provide your employees with value-generating surgical package choices
  • Give your employees access to qualified surgeons at convenient locations
  • Customize surgery packages for your employees in ways that work for them
  • Give your employees access to financing to help them pay for what they need
  • Give you online tools that help your employees easily understand their choices

For Employers employee health benefitsYou need a healthy workforce. You also need profitable ways to organize your business. Wherever your human resources director shops for healthcare for your employees, whether you’re insured or self-insured, you need value. This is what Surgeo delivers.

Surgeo specializes in the production of value- generating, optimized, comprehensive surgery packages. These packages are built around carefully selected, contracted surgical specialists who are carefully qualified by us. The surgery packages are presented with clear, total prices that eliminate financial surprises and provide your employees with simplicity and confidence to choose the packages that work best for them.

Surgeo can customize surgery packages to address specific pain points. For instance, if a number of your 10,000 employees routinely need knee replacements, and the only choice is far away, Surgeo can help you. Surgeo can bring its specialists to a location that’s closer and more convenient.

Surgeo specializes in the clear presentation of surgery package choices, and allows comparisons of these standardized surgery packages. Surgeo’s support systems help to retrieve medical records for review by the surgical specialists and help your employees prepare for surgery. In selected cases, Surgeo can arrange to wrap surgery packages in complications insurance, which mitigates the risk of outlying cases and allows for extra peace of mind.

So what if one of your employees needs something that you don’t cover, like gastric sleeve for weight loss? And money is tight? Surgeo can help your employee get the financing he or she needs for the service he or she needs and wants.

With Surgeo you can take care of your employees by giving them access to optimized surgery package choices in a way that helps you protect your bottom line, too.

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