For Facilities

This is what Surgeo can do for you:

  • Introduce you to new surgical specialists
  • Help you design new lines of surgical service
  • Help you understand the true costs for surgical services
  • Increase your visibility to patients who need your services
  • Bring in capital equipment to help you reduce your capital risk
  • Help your new patients who qualify to access financing if they need it

For FacilitiesYour facility has operating rooms and you want them to be used more. So you think about starting a new line of service. That means finding a new surgeon. It also means making sure that surgeon has the equipment he or she needs. So now you’re looking at capital risk and we all know how this can end: everyone agrees, you take the risk, and when the surgeon doesn’t deliver, you’re holding the loss. Surgeo can help you get your operating rooms to market faster with new lines of service, with qualified surgeons, and at lower risk to you.

First, Surgeo can help you assess and design new services based upon what the market demands. It can match that demand to your capacity. Then, using specific clinical modules and surgeon preferences, it can work with your finance people, purchasing organization, and nursing staff to help you understand your actual costs. You can set a price for your operating room without overcharging, which would price you out of the market, and without undercharging, which would be unsustainable.

Second, Surgeo can help you build your service. It can bring surgical specialists to your facility. Its equipment partners can help to reduce your capital risk. Suppose you have a great operating room and a great rehab gym but not power drills and bone trays. Surgeo can bring those in at no cost to you. Surgeo can bring those components, so you can put your staff to greater use, profit from what you already have, and limit your financial exposure.

There’s something else: patients who come through Surgeo benefit from financing options and, in selected procedures, extra package features that pay you directly in the case of complications. So your services benefit from a peace of mind for which smart surgery shoppers are looking.

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