Surgery Financing

Choosing a surgery package and planning for your procedure involves many considerations. You want a qualified surgeon, convenient location, and clear price.

You also want financial resources that best suit your situation. To support patients who want additional financial resources, Allevion,® Inc., the healthcare logistics company behind Surgeo®, has developed a new service that helps patients gain financial control by matching them to possible lenders. Cash loans available through their services may be available to insured or uninsured self-pay applicants who have:

  • A physical U.S. address
  • A Social Security number
  • Acceptable credit (you can check your credit for free on Credit Karma*)

The financing is available to self-pay and insured customers, and the loans may be taken by a patient, friend, or relative, as long as the borrower meets the service criteria. Depending upon the service used, borrowers may qualify for loans of up to $100,000 and that are free of prepayment penalties and the need for collateral. They may be able to use the loan for travel and other expenses related to the surgery. Upon lender approval, Allevion simplifies the process by collecting a single payment from the borrower and then making the necessary payments to the contracted providers on behalf of the patient.

Applying for Surgery Financing

Surgery lenders come and go on a pretty regular basis. We try to maintain an ongoing list as they become available.

If you would like, we'll be happy to speak with you about your possible borrowing options. For this, we invite you to call us:


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We accept payment by wire transfer and certified check. Payment is collected once the surgeon you choose accepts your case after the review of your inquiry and medical records.

* Allevion, Inc. is not an affiliate of Credit Karma and makes no warranties to the services, reliability, or accuracy provided by the Credit Karma website or information users obtain from it. Allevion, Inc. is not an affiliate of any lender from which the customer chooses to take a loan and makes no warranties to the services, reliability, or accuracy provided by any lender.

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My insurance paid for my knee surgery package. I loved my surgeon.
I also loved getting a bill with only one price on it.
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