For Primary Care Physicians

This is what Surgeo can do for you:

  • Give you immediate knowledge of and access to highly qualified, peer credentialed surgeons
  • Give you a clear breakdown of what every one of our surgery packages includes
  • Give you one flat, transparently posted fee for each surgery package
  • Give you online tools that you can share with your patients
  • Provide customer support and finance navigation
  • Build customized surgery packages

primary care physician consultation surgeon referralWhen your patients need surgery, they turn to you for guidance. Among their questions is which surgeon to use. Sometimes, the answer is obvious because you know surgeons and have seen their patients post-operatively. Sometimes, however, even when your answer is immediate and clear to you, your patient wants more choice. Sometimes it's because the surgeon is too  far away, the service costs too much, or one of a hundred other reasons. In all cases, you want to help your patient choose the right surgeon.

Whether refractive eye surgery or knee replacement, the right choice requires knowledge of a surgeon's skill and bedside manner. Surgeo collects this kind of knowledge and uses an unusual peer credentialing process for qualifying surgeons for its network. We look beyond education, training, and diplomas. We look at how a surgeon holds a scalpel through the eyes of other surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and more. We ask about attention to sterile procedure, efficiency, complications, punctuality, collegiality, and more.

Surgeo works with its surgeons to define its packages in a way that makes clinical sense: a knee replacement package includes post-discharge physical therapy. Every package definition can be easily seen at the top of every results page and can be shared by downloading the linked pdf. Every package includes ancillary procedures: sleeve gastrectomy includes hiatus hernia repair, if needed. And the cost of each package is clearly listed.

You can use Surgeo with your patient. You can also ask us about new choices and customized solutions. Surgeo is an exclusive network of highly qualified, peer credentialed surgeons. Surgeo can bring your patients and you choices both of you can trust.

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