How We Select Facilities

Surgical facilities have a very specific function: to support your surgeon and you at the time of your surgical procedure. In practical terms, this means providing the support that includes buildings, rooms, staff, medications, and meals that are required. Different procedures require different support, so that the procedure drives the type of facility that is required. For example, knee replacement requires special tools and an associated gym for physical therapy. By contrast, screening colonoscopy requires a video tower and outpatient discharge area.

Select Facilities

At Surgeo, we build surgery packages around the experience and focus of highly qualified surgeons. Depending upon the requirements of the surgeon for the selected procedure, we select the appropriate facility. We work with the surgeon and his preferences for everything from gloves to post-op protocols, bringing those into your package at the facility that he thinks will support you and him.

To open the choices for you, we pay close attention to the resources available to support your surgeon at the possible facilities. For example, when we are designing a colonoscopy service, we do not look at whether or not the facility also has a maternity unit. We design around the procedure and surgeons, and their individual requirements.

Every facility we include in a surgery package, such as a hospital or ambulatory surgery center, is licensed by the government to deliver healthcare services. Many of these facilities and associated programs have various kinds of voluntary accreditations, such as those of The Joint Commission and the surgical society American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

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