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surgeon driven surgery logisticsALLEVION® is a healthcare business providing administration, consulting, management, and logistics related to personnel, facilities, implants, equipment, instruments, and supplies, principally as relates to surgery. The business works to improve the lives of patients and help other providers to better deliver their services to patients. Allevion simplifies access to quality care by bringing in highly qualified, peer credentialed surgeonsthe surgeons other surgeons would use if we needed surgery – and offering their services in flat-cost packages. Allevion online portals, including this Surgeo and related white labeled portals, enable you to compare packages by surgeon, cost, and location and get quality, convenience, and choice. Allevion does not provide healthcare services, make referrals, or negotiate cost.

You know why we built our flagship portal, Surgeo? Because we have had friends and family members who have needed surgery. And, like you, we thought there had to be an easier way to get to quality care. Surgeo is surgeons coming together to improve healthcare delivery for all of us.

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Are you searching for quality? Imagine finding a way to know that your surgeon is experienced, focused on the procedure you are having, and has been carefully qualified.

You get quality. With Surgeo you have access to a network of highly qualified, peer credentialed surgeons with clinical experience and interests focused on your selected procedure. These are the surgeons that other surgeons go to when they need surgery.


Are you searching for value? Imagine finding a resource to skillfully match and optimally assemble the components of the service you want and need.

You get value. With Surgeo you have surgery packages that include what you need without adding extras you don’t.


Are you searching for convenience? Imagine that someone presents you choices, each clearly and transparently priced, in a standardized “apples to apples” format.

You have access to convenience. With Surgeo you can review choices on your computer, clearly understand prices, select an optimal package, and more.


You can stop searching. With Surgeo, you have found a way to have control over which surgical service is right for you. You are informed and in control of your decision, choosing the surgery package that fits your needs with a qualified surgeon, a price you know and understand, and at a location that fits your needs.

Surgeo delivers choices. With Surgeo you can easily consider several surgeons who specialize in your procedure and know they are highly qualified. You have choices of different locations and you can decide which one works best for you. Surgeo delivers you quality, value, and convenience through choices of surgery packages.

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