Our Mission

The mission of Surgeo is to allow any patient anywhere in the world
access to quality surgical care at a price he or she can afford.

At Surgeo we are developing service distribution solutions that more affordably and conveniently meet the needs of patients, payers, and providers. We bring highly qualified surgeons and necessary equipment together at select locations and build transparently priced surgery packages. Simultaneously we are developing and implementing differentiating custom solutions that address provider network administrative needs.

All of the surgery packages offered by us include such things as the surgical facility, which may be a hospital or ambulatory surgery center, the surgical team, pathologists, devices, postoperative care, and other components necessary for the surgery. Patients have access to the surgical services they need.

Through Surgeo, Allevion offers surgery packages, clearly and simply communicated – you will always know the qualifications of your chosen surgeon and how much your surgery will cost. You can say goodbye to confusion and hassle. You can say hello to the convenience of comprehensive surgery packages, online comparison tools, support services, and choice that puts you in control of your surgery.