Surgeo Services

Surgeo is a surgery logistics service. It does not provide healthcare services, make referrals, or negotiate cost.

Surgeo designs and delivers uniformly defined surgery packages that include surgeon, anesthesia, facility, and more. These surgery packages are presented on a public portal that is open to anyone with internet access. Surgeo is a free market in which surgeons and other providers are free set their own fees and customers can freely shop for and self-refer to whichever service works best for them. Here is how Surgeo works for you:

Surgery Package Development

Surgeo brings together and contracts for the providers and supplies that make up its surgery package and gives you a single, total price so you can have convenience. It contracts in a way that gives you protection from medical bills related to ancillary procedures.

Network Development and Maintenance

A quality surgeon is the backbone of every surgery package. We examine the surgeon’s credentials, conduct a personal qualification, and and talk with references who’ve been in the operating room with him/her and can give us insights to outcomes, technique and response to pressures. You can be assured that every surgeon in our network represents competence and great bedside manner.

Online Marketplace Development and Maintenance

Surgeo is an online portal that presents you with uniformly defined choices. It develops and maintains the back-end database that drives the online marketplace and develops and designs, integrates, and maintains their technological features.

Provider Payment

Surgeo collects a single payment from you and distributes to all of the providers on your behalf, to give you simplicity and convenience.

Loan Navigation

Surgeo has secured relationships with financial institutions that can assist you with financing your surgery, including travel expenses. Learn More About Financing

Case Pre-Qualification

To properly evaluate your case, the surgeon you’ve selected needs to review specific medical records. We will let you know which those are and if you need help in getting them from your current provider to the surgeon, we can assist you with that process.

Customer Support

Surgeo gives you support by human attendants who can help you get answers to your questions and who help you get organized for and schedule your procedure.

Protection from Complications Related Medical Bills

Surgeo identifies and integrates existing third-party financial products and helps its partners to develop new products that can be integrated to protect you from medical bills related to possible surgical complications.

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